Website Running Slow? Do Some Caching First!

Is your shiny new site running too slow?  Don't just throw hardware at it, do some caching first.  We have a set of tools that you can use to make your site speedy even with all of it's features.  Here's a general diagram:

To explain them a bit, here's a short summary of each and a link to learn more:

Other things you can do to increase your speed is minify your javascript (, combine your images into sprites, and make sure you have set your performance settings up:

If your site is still running slow, you can try running a page speed analyzer (, add a page speed optimizer to your webserver (, or use a CDN:

If your site uses a lot of videos, images, etc, you can move those off your server to lower the stress on it (  If it's still too slow, you probably need to work with your developer to make it more efficient.